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My son just graduated from high school and will be entering college this Fall as a freshman.  Since the prestigious university that he is attending is close to home he decided to take a class this summer to get a head start.  The other day I dropped him off for class and was surprised to see so many other students clearly heading to and from classes on campus.

These are our future candidates (and hiring managers) and there are a lot of them spending their summer getting ahead.  There is a lot of motivation out there and a lot of young people who put a ton of extra effort into their futures and careers.  Worth keeping in mind.

Todd Kmiec

Career Strategy



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There has been a lot of talk over the last 7 or 8 years about those not participating in the labor market.  People who are not working and not trying to get back to work.

For recruiting purposes they don’t matter.  They matter to our economy and to society as a whole, but they aren’t part of the recruiting equation.  You need to be qualified enough and motivated enough in order to really matter to the businesses that are working to grow and improve.

Todd Kmiec

Shrinking Workforce….Shrinking Candidate Pool

The Participation Question

The Long View

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We get trapped into the short view.  Someone resigns and we’ve got to fill that position now.  Something changes in the business and we now have an urgent need.

No doubt, we are under pressure to fill positions in a lot of cases.  The short view.  We need to get this done now, or else.  But recruiting is really about the long view.  Building a great business doesn’t happen in the short run.  It happens because of great work done over a long period of time.  Consistent effective recruiting over the long run is what really makes it happen.

Todd Kmiec

Hiring Is The Most Important Thing You Do

The Importance of Attracting Top Talent

Not Really Purple

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A fundamental truth about recruiting is that the person you need to find for a particular role does exist in all but a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the searches.

Recruiters like to claim that the hiring manager is looking for a purple squirrel (doesn’t exist).  They aren’t purple.  They’re just hard to find and connect with.  But that’s what we do…….find and connect.

Todd Kmiec

If You Need A Purple Squirrel, You Need A Purple Squirrel

Expanding The Aperture

State Of Constant Change

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The candidate pool for any search is constantly changing.

An available candidate accepts a new position, no longer in the pool.

Qualified potential candidate who won’t respond to new opportunities because they are happy where they are has a sudden change and is now open to considering a change, enters the pool.

Candidate with too little experience crosses that line so they now have enough, enters the pool.

The candidate pool is a living breathing thing.  Effective recruiting is a continuous process that reaches the deepest parts of the candidate pool and takes advantage of changes as they happen.

Todd Kmiec

Low Jobless Claims, Tight Candidate Pool

Share Of The Pool

Reasons To Eliminate

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Resumes are used to find reasons to eliminate.  After that, they are used to find reasons to separate.

So look at your resume and try to eliminate reasons to eliminate.  Job hopping is a good example and is consistently used to eliminate.  It takes time and diligence to avoid that one.  Others, like grammar and spelling errors or confusing presentation, can be easily fixed any time.

Reasons to separate are harder.  Take care of the reasons to eliminate first and then look for things that can separate you from the pack.  Add them and make sure they are easy to see if you have them.  If you don’t have them, figure out how to get them.

Todd Kmiec


Great Resumes

Resume Tips

Resume Do’s and Don’ts

Not That Dumb

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Sometimes candidates miss interviews.  Unforeseen circumstances do occur.  That’s okay and most of the time the hiring authority will understand.  As long as you communicate.

Car accident, just found out that a relative is sick and needs you right away, dog buried your car keys…….just call right away and let the recruiter or hiring manager know.  If you don’t show up and don’t communicate for a day or two then your excuse will fall on deaf ears.  They’re not that dumb.  Everyone interviewing for a job these days has a cell phone.

If you don’t have the ability to handle a difficult circumstance with respect for your potential employer, they’re not going to be a potential employer for you any longer.

Todd Kmiec

Interview Antics

Bad Interviewing Practice

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