Moving On

September 20, 2017 Leave a comment

Netflix built a culture over the years based on the idea that they are not a family, but more of a team.  Like a professional sports team.  The basics are, we are focused solely on results.

You can take time off when you want or work when you want, but you have to produce.  If you produce, great.  If you don’t, we don’t need you.  You could be great at what you do, but if it doesn’t produce what the team needs then we have to move on.  So you’re not really fired.  It’s more like getting cut.  If you’ve got good skills, some other team will pick you up because they’ll need what you can do.  It’s not a warm and fuzzy concept that promotes loyalty, but it does generate great results.

Here’s the thing.  You may or may not like the concept, but in the end every person is responsible for their skills and their work ethic and what they can do.  Most of the business world dances around this, but that doesn’t change the fact that results are what make an employee valuable.


Todd Kmiec

A.K.A. Wood Shop

September 19, 2017 Leave a comment

My son, who is in middle school, was telling me about his day the other night.  He said, “so we’re in class, Technology and Innovation a.k.a. Wood Shop.”  I asked him what he meant by a.k.a. Wood Shop.  He said that’s what it is.  They basically take blocks of wood and use tools to make things.  Technology and Innovation Class.

Wood Shop has value, but calling it Technology and Innovation Class is sending the wrong message.  We’ve got a real skills gap in this country.  It’s closing, but you can’t promote the idea that technology and innovation is the same as good woodworking skills.  Middle school kids are smarter than you think.  Teach them PLC programming and call it Technology and Innovation Class.  Or how about Java?

Todd Kmiec

Too Many Jobs, Too Little Pay

September 18, 2017 Leave a comment

The JOLTS Data is out and shows that job openings have reached a new high.  Not just a blip up, but a new high with a new average high for the trailing 12 months.  In other words, the trend is up.  6.17 million job listings in the US.  That’s a big number.

We also have a record low labor participation rate currently.  Some believe that this indicates that the job openings in general don’t pay enough to lure workers back to work.  If businesses in general are going to have to increase salaries significantly to fill their needs that’s going to be a serious challenge.

Todd Kmiec

Not Just On The Resume

September 17, 2017 Leave a comment

Making mistakes on your resume is a sure way to get you overlooked.  Presenting yourself in a less than favorable light will do that as well, but not just on the resume.

Jobvite’s 2016 survey of 1,600 recruiters and HR professional found that 72% of respondents had a negative reaction to typos. Other social media sins include sharing photos of marijuana use (which 71% of respondents couldn’t stand), oversharing in general (60% of respondents weren’t fans), and posting pics of alcohol use (which ticked off 47% of respondents).

If your image is out there where it can be found, it better be solid.

Todd Kmiec


How To Shrink A Candidate Pool

September 16, 2017 Leave a comment

Airlines are complaining about a pilot shortage.  A recent article stated that the shortage is best understood as an obvious manifestation-and perhaps the nadir-of a long-term deprofessionalization of what was once a solidly middle-class career: We made the pilot occupation so unattractive, so tenuous and poorly paid, that people stopped wanting to do it.

That’s how you shrink a candidate pool.


Todd Kmiec

Fantasy Football

September 15, 2017 Leave a comment

It’s that time of year again.  Fantasy Football.  Seems like it is everywhere.  The popularity of fantasy football shows how fun it is to put together an unrealistic team and to go compete with it.

Falling into that mode in your recruiting program can be a big mistake.  Fantasy teams aren’t real, but great teams are.  You can’t build a dream fantasy team in your business, but you can build a great team that is incredibly productive.  Trying to build a fantasy team in business diverts attention and effort way from the real work of building a great business.  Focus on building a great team, like the greatest real sports teams, not a fantasy team.

Todd Kmiec

Focus On What You Can Control

September 14, 2017 Leave a comment

John Wooden, famous UCLA basketball coach and one of the greatest coaches in any sport ever used to preach that you must focus only on the things that you can control.

Great advice for hiring managers and recruiters.  You can’t control a turn down.  You can impact it by providing an attractive opportunity and offer, but you still can’t control it.  You can’t control a crazy salary demand and you definitely can’t control the size of the candidate pool for a certain skill set.

What you can control is how hard you look.  How deeply you penetrate that candidate pool.

Todd Kmiec

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