How Many In The Pool?

July 26, 2017 Leave a comment

It’s pretty disappointing when we don’t land the candidate that we were after.  There’s a lot of frustration when this happens.  In most situations however, there is more than one person in the candidate pool.  Someone who fits the need and would be an excellent hire.

On any search you should look at the big picture and and understand that there are some number of potential candidates in existence that would be a great hire.  The objective is to make a great hire, improve your business, not to hire one particular person.

Todd Kmiec

Real Job Stability

July 25, 2017 Leave a comment

Job stability is not what it used to be.  It seems like it was a century ago when job stability was something that employees counted on from a single employer for an entire career.  That’s actually close to accurate.

The reality is that companies have been focused on business and results over individual employees for a long time.  That’s perfectly fine as long as employees understand that and take responsibility for their own careers.  Real job stability comes from doing great work.  Making yourself too valuable to lose.  Making yourself too valuable to not be pursued by other companies.

Todd Kmiec

Strike While The Iron Is Hot…….or

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When you have a tough job to fill, a skill set that is in high demand and with a shortage of qualified people, you have to move when you can.  Too many times we see hiring managers hold to a set process of finding 3 candidates to interview before moving forward or something similar.

It’s great to have a good hiring process that works for you, but you have to think about the current situation and do what is best for business.  Candidates with backgrounds and skills that are in short supply are in high demand so you can bet that someone else is looking for them too.  The risk of losing them is high and the risk increases with every tick of the clock.  Companies who move quickly in these situations are going to get a greater share of the top talent.

Todd Kmiec

Talent Flow

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Some candidate is going to turn down your offer.  The ideal candidate that would be a huge asset to your team, in some cases won’t consider a change.  A great employee and key part of your business is going to leave at some point for some reason.  These things happen.  They are unavoidable.

Smart businesses don’t let this cripple them.  They don’t allow it to have a significant long-term impact because they have solid talent flow.  Constantly recruiting, filling positions with the best talent you can find, doing great work, letting the world know, promoting for great work.  Consistent talent flow makes a turn down or employee loss insignificant and keeps you on track.

Todd Kmiec

More Knowledge

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Many companies recruit sharing as little information as possible.  Knowledge is dangerous.  The more the candidate knows about our business, the more they can find to object to.

Great companies work the opposite way.  The more they share the better.  Great companies come in all shapes and sizes and are in any industry, but they all do great work.  Sharing their vision, how they operate, what they accomplish, what they are building……these things show the great work that they do and great work attracts great workers.

Todd Kmiec

Fresh Start

July 19, 2017 Leave a comment

A fresh start can have value.  New place, new people, new motivation.

We have to be careful that the fresh start isn’t the primary draw.  People who do great work do great work.  People who don’t do great work don’t.  If the pitch for a candidate is that he has the skills and just needs a fresh start, it just wasn’t the right fit in the previous three positions, you should probably pass.  Better to find someone that has some solid evidence of great work.

The fresh start is a nice plus.

Todd Kmiec


July 18, 2017 Leave a comment

Currently we are experiencing low unemployment and stalled wage growth.  There is a disconnect here and something’s gotta give at some point.

This really highlights the sloppiness of the long recovery we are in.  At some point we will get a good economy again.  It’s not horrible now, but without wage growth it’s not the real deal.

More good work and more patience.

Todd Kmiec

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