Better Parts

January 17, 2018 Leave a comment

How will your business look at the end of 2018?  Hopefully better.  If things are good now, you still want better.  Better parts, better business.

Companies are putting plans in motion to improve this year.  Those plans will involve a lot of recruiting to replace weaker parts and to add businesses, product lines, or divisions.  Identifying key areas for improved or additional talent is critical and will lead the way to a better business by the end of the year.

Todd Kmiec

Acquisition of Talent and Development

January 10, 2018 Leave a comment

In sports, acquisition of talent and development is the name of the game.  You win with better talent and better development of that talent.

Alabama and Georgia in college football.  Duke and Kentucky in college basketball.  The Patriots in the NFL, the Yankees in major league baseball.  Any team that rises to the top is successful because they acquired and developed better talent.

The drive to obtain the best talent in sports is relentless and great businesses are no different.


Todd Kmiec

Not For Everyone

January 3, 2018 Leave a comment

Maybe not for you.  In recruiting we tend to fall into the trap of the ideal candidate.  While there are tremendously talented people that any company would benefit from having on board, there are too many talented people out there to make any one candidate the ideal fit for every business.

One particular great candidate is not for everyone and maybe not for your business.  Focus on fit is extremely important.  What will this candidate do in your particular business?  What kind of impact will they have with the team that is already in place, with your culture, with your product line?

By the way, the same goes for candidates.  There are great businesses that aren’t the right fit for a given candidate.

Find great, but make sure it fits.


Todd Kmiec



Optimal Timing

December 27, 2017 Leave a comment

The hiring manager comes to you and says I need this and I need it yesterday.  That’s typical, but definitely not optimal.  If you need it right now, it’s late, and you’re at a disadvantage.  This leads to mediocre hires, maybe even bad hires.  Mediocre hires build mediocre businesses.  Bad hires…..well, you know the rest.

If the long range plan is that you will need someone with xyz qualifications, but there is no plan in place to get to the point where the business really needs that person, it’s too early.  Still, not optimal.

There is a window of time that is optimal for recruiting.  It’s way before the desperate immediate need and way after the long range plan.  You don’t have to be perfect, exactly on the dot, to have optimal timing.  You do have to be within that strategic window that allows you the time to find a great candidate and in which you will be able to act to bring them in.


Todd Kmiec

Taxes and Recruiting

December 20, 2017 Leave a comment

With the new tax law, corporate budgets will change.  This will impact recruiting on all fronts.  More money for recruiting budgets, to spend on ads and outside help, to hire more internal recruiters.  More money to push a company’s reach out further and to draw in the talent they need.

More money to hire more key people.  When cash flow increases, the first thought is to figure out how we can best use the increase to grow the business.  Hire more salespeople, open a new plant, develop a new product line……  All growth strategy leads to more and better recruiting.

Increased recruiting leads to increased business.


Todd Kmiec

The Second Reason

December 13, 2017 Leave a comment

The first reason that you recruit is to solve an immediate need.  The hiring manager recognizes a need, a strategic change, or some deficit that is preventing the business from achieving an objective.  He or she comes to HR or recruiting and says you need to find me this.  Whether you are patching, growing, or replacing there is an immediate need that you have to take care of.

The second reason you recruit is to build a better business, a great business.  You have a vision for the business, what you want it to be, what it can accomplish.  It takes great people to run a business that accomplishes great things.  People who care, who take initiative, who work hard, and have great skills to put things in motion and make them work.

Recruiting for the first reason is different than recruiting for the second.  The focus is different.  You can solve an immediate need without building a great team that will make a business great.  Or, you can constantly pursue great people filling immediate needs with them as often as you can.


Todd Kmiec

Trial Hires

December 6, 2017 Leave a comment

If your business model requires proven profitability for a  given hire, you may use some form of trial hire to make sure your new hire is profitable.  Some 100% commission sales positions are a fit for this.  Other roles typically involve a high percentage of hires that don’t stick for one reason or another.  If the job is difficult and not very high paid, employees may have a tendency to give up or there might be a good number of unreliable candidates in that field.  Other roles are technically specific and the ability to succeed is hard to define based on previous employment.

Trial hires can take a number of different forms.  Temporary staffing is one solution.  Low cost hires with a trial period can work as well.  But there are drawbacks.  Strong candidates in just about every field tend to be unwilling to accept a trial situation.  Candidates willing to work through a temporary staffing firm are limited, so the talent pool that you get there is limited.  Trying candidates out, hoping that they succeed, and moving on to the next candidate and the next candidate and the next candidate can be extremely frustrating, costly, and time consuming.  Great teams that do great work are not built with trial hires.

The other strategy is to make good hires.  Putting a process in place that greatly increased the likelihood that a hire will be good and profitable eliminates the frustration and cost of tryout after tryout.  It takes a little work to create a hiring process that works, but once it is in place it will save a lot more work and frustration going forward and will allow you to build a really great team.

Todd Kmiec

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