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We’re moving.  Just within our town, so we won’t be leaving the People’s Republic of Chapel Hill.  Not a huge change, but to our kids it will be significant.  For one thing, they will switch schools.  So we took them out for dinner last night to tell them all the great things about the move and answer any questions.  We thought that one child would be very upset about switching schools, but the rest we thought would be fine and even excited about it. 

The child we thought would be upset handled it wonderfully and is excited about the move.  However, when they asked “what about schools?” and we told them they would be switching, our oldest lost it.  He’s afraid of the change for all of the reasons you can imagine, so we talked a lot about how change can be good and we need to go with whatever God’s plan is for us with courage and optimism and see what that change brings us.

I was thinking this morning about how this happens in all areas of life and in business in particular.  I knew when the bubble burst that our industry would change permanently, most people in recruiting did.  There was talk of a smaller industry with only the strong surviving and of new models for the business and all of that.  I have been of the opinion lately that we are getting to where that change is bringing us.  Our industry has changed.  It is smaller and our role is more finely defined to finding the difficult to find candidates.  We’re not HR consultants, there are HR consultants and RPOs for that now.  HR has evolved and plays a bigger role now than it used to, but their time and resources to do what we do are limited.  The methods of recruiting and networking to find people have expanded so those who are smart and have initiative and energy can do more to find the right people.

When you face big change, which is out of your control, you can embrace it or not.  That part is in your control.  If our oldest embraces the change, he may meet the best friends of his life and have a fantastic school and life experience going forward.  He’ll have to have some courage and may have to make some adjustments.  Something we should all think about in the post bubble business world.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec & Associates


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