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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – The Numbers Don’t Lie

Like most Americans, I’m not a big fan of Congress, and I think they look like complete idiots when they bring people in to read them the riot act and pretend like they know something about the business or subject they are scolding them over.  However, the sound bites yesterday where they asked the BP CEO how his company could have over 700 safety violations while his competitors had 8, or 4, or 1 in the same time frame had a real impact. 

Seriously.  The numbers don’t lie.  No matter what you believe about the shakedown, too much government, ignorant congressmen, or anything else, those numbers tell a very clear story.  So I’m looking at the numbers involved in our business and will continue to assess things on that basis.  The important numbers are pretty decent, even though business is still pretty tough to do.  It’s hard to avoid getting lost in other details, predictions, thoughts, or fears, but the numbers always tell the real story.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec & Associates


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