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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – The Death Of E-Mail?

I heard the other day that some social media executive is prepared for the death of e-mail.  I’ve heard that predicted before as well.  Now I’m a big fan of social media and its usefulness, especially blogs, specific industry blog sites, and LinkedIn.  These things have evolved into tremendously valuable tools.  But the death of e-mail?  I have to chuckle when I hear that one.

Here’s my two cents.  I think e-mail is the greatest invention of our time.  Seriously.  I think it is the most incredibly useful communication tool we’ve ever had.  From my perspective, social media has made e-mail better.  It has taken some of the spam away and much of the less important communication that is really not spam.  Jokes and political comments belong on Facebook, and for the most part they don’t land in my inbox any more.  Pictures and Happy Birthday comments?  They go there too.  Business communication or PR that is not quite close enough for direct e-mail belongs on LinkedIn and industry specific sites.  All of these things are happening naturally (love that free market principle) and they are all making e-mail better.

All communication tools have their place and have an impact on the others.  Phones and cell phones had a huge impact on in person meetings, giving them more impact but also making them unnecessary for a lot of the communication they were necessary for before.  Phone calls now have more impact than e-mail, but aren’t necessary in all cases.  E-mail has that great quality of direct contact while being incredibly efficient.  Have you ever been caught leaving voicemails back and forth with someone for a week?  Now that social media has taken less direct or less sensitive communication away, e-mail is even better.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec & Associates


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