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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – Confidence

I heard an interesting conversation about George Steinbrenner today.  The famous owner of the New York Yankees had an interesting life.  The part of the story that I found most interesting was how he changed once the Yankees started to really win. 

Before he bought the Yankees and for some time afterwards, before they were winning, it is said that he was a different man.  They say he really came into his own and became the person he was when his confidence rose based on their success.  That is who he will be remembered as, and I’m sure that was the best time of his life, when he truly felt things were right for him. 

I think this relates to what we see in business today.  When talking about raising my kids, I always say that you can’t fake confidence.  You can’t just tell them they’re great and really build true confidence.  It has to come from real experience so they know deep down.  Right now, most businesses in most industries are not truly confident.  Every month of decent numbers helps build that confidence, but more is needed.  With that in mind, it feels like most businesses out there are not in their best state, as Steinbrenner wasn’t until he had reached that point.  In time I hope we’ll build to that point. 

Todd Kmiec


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