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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – The Clock Is Ticking

As we start a new month my thoughts are on a scene from the show Studio 60.  This is a show that I think only made it a season or two and is about a weekly late night comedy show, like Saturday Night Live.  I’ve been watching it on Netflix and I love the show and it’s characters.  Great entertainment. 

The head writer (Matthew Perry) has a huge digital clock in his office that counts down the days and time, by the second, until the next show.  He inherited the office when he took over so the clock was there, and he looks up at it like it is some monstrous villian putting pressure on him as the week goes by.  After he makes it through the first show and is celebrating in relief that they made it, he looks up and sees that the clock rolled over to the next week and now shows 6 days, twenty some hours, and the minutes and seconds are ticking away. 

Everyone measure’s their business in some time frame.  Whether it is Monthly, Quarterly, or some other period of time there is an end and a beginning to the next period.  The slate is wiped clean.  We can see this as pressure or opportunity.  Sometimes both.  The important thing to remember is that there are no ordinary moments and there is value either way.  The reality is that your confidence level determines much of how it is looked at.  If you are confident, it is a new month and a new opportunity.  If you lack confidence in how it will go, there is pressure to perform.  Both have value.  The key is to maintain balance and use the confidence and pressure to maximize performance.  Too much pressure and we can waste time and effort worrying.  Too much confidence and we can fail to take advantage of opportunity.  Have a strong business plan, stay in the moment, and use the clock to your advantage.

Todd Kmiec


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