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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – It’s Just Where We Are

The beat goes on and we continue to hear many of the same things from clients.  This morning a client told me that they are not recruiting, they are “just trying to to better with less”.  Regarding business in general, I heard someone say the other day that “people are just hanging in there and trying to get by until this is over”. 

It’s not everyone and I don’t mean to paint a doom and gloom picture.  There is business out there, but there is a lot of this type of attitude as well.  This is just where we are.  As we find pockets of decent business and growth, we need to take advantage of those situations and continue to do great work. 

In all liklihood, we are going to continue to see a recession type attitude for some time.  The good news for recruiters is that companies don’t keep people on the bench in that type of environment.  They try to “do better with less”.  When the needs come up they need fast and strong action to find the right candidates and the best way to get that type of activity is with third party recruiters.  So our role continues to develop in a real clear way to most industries.  That’s a good thing, and that’s just where we are.

Todd Kmiec


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