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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever

Take a look at this chart  http://club.tomsullivanradio.com/photo/the-scariest-jobs-chart-ever?xg_source=activity .  This is really something, comparing the unemployment situation in previous recessions back to the Great Depression.  We have a real big problem here.

I’m not worried about how this impacts third party recruiting directly, but more indirectly because of how it impacts our economy and business conditions over the long haul.  The problem is this.  We have a lot of people that are now forming the long-term unemployed class.  It is absolutely horrible to see or hear about people having to go through long-term unemployment.  In addition to that, you have to ask how these people are going to be taken care of.  Not only are they not going to be out there driving our economy, they are going to be a big drag on it. 

We’ve already seen over the last couple of years how one industry suffering trickles down to other industries and companies and soon impacts everyone.  Look at the auto makers, and how that impacted the auto suppliers, and their suppliers.  We all talked to people who said orders are down so we can’t spend…..or hire.  So as we take on the cost and drag of a huge number of long-term unemployed, on and off unemployed, and underemployed we are going to see that filter through all areas of business. 

I heard someone say the other day that many of the manufacturing workers in this country went to the construction industry when they lost their manufacturing jobs over the last decade or two.  Now that they have lost those construction jobs, where will they go?  What about other industries that have suffered?  Where do those people go?  Not just labor, but middle management too.  This really is the scariest jobs chart ever and it shows no indication of recovery any time soon.

Todd Kmiec


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