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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – Dive In And Test It Out

I read a blog by Greg Savage, the CEO of Aquent, this morning and watched a video interview covering his experience over the last year with social media and how it has had a surprising amount of success for him.  What really came to mind for me during this read was how some of the things he is doing are very successful for me as well and some aren’t.

We are in the same industry, but have different roles or niches in that industry and that makes our worlds similar in some ways and different in others.  I think the most important advice he gave in the interview was to dive in and test it out yourself.  He was not heavily involved in social media and was hearing a lot about it, so he decided to dive in, try it out, and see what worked and how.  My story with social media is similar and it really spreads to all the other areas of our business.  I follow Greg on Twitter, but I never read his tweets.  He finds twitter very successful for several purposes, none of which are really big parts of my business (speaking engagements for example).  But I read his blog on a regular basis and really enjoy it. 

I use LinkedIn and think it is the most effective networking tool that I have ever used, but I only use it for certain purposes.  This all causes me to review all of the parts of my business to see which activities are successful, which aren’t, which need to be tweaked, and which need to be eliminated.  The important thing is to pay attention to what works well for others and test those things out if they fit your system. 

Todd Kmiec


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