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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – Little Things and Mood Swings

September 5, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

After a long but great day of tennis at the U.S. Open, I sat at a little Thai restaurant on 9th Avenue last night and suddenly the track ball on my Blackberry stopped working.

It went up and sideways, but not down. I figured a little dirt got in there and just needed to be worked out. I spent a fair amount of time trying to spin the trackball down to work it out, but no go. Try navigating around a phone or computer screen when you can only go sideways and up. What a nightmare. After a while I gave up and figured the phone was toast and I’d have to buy a new one.

No big deal. I had a great week and was in a great spot with my favorite person in the world, who also happens to be related to me by marriage. After getting back to the hotel and working the track ball a while longer, I was frustrated and in a bad mood. I worked my way on to the Sprint site to look at available Blackberries, but the site is awful and impossible to get what you need from it even with full navigation. On top of this, I saw an ad for the new Blackberry Torch which apparently has a full touch screen like an I-Phone along with a slide out keyboard, perfect for me. However, it said only for ATT. I had read a few blog headlines and it appears that Sprint does not have it yet, but may work to get it or something similar in the near future. Now I’m really not happy. I’m going to have to upgrade my phone now and the new phone that I want will come out a few months later.

Now I’m ready to rant. The track ball is the second dumbest idea in the history of cell phones. The old track wheel that it replaced is the dumbest. I can’t wait to get a hold of someone at Research In Motion and let them know how I feel. This morning I sat at the airport in NY working the track ball sideways and up, trying to see what phones are available and still grumpy. But in a couple of hours I’ll be back and will get to see my kids. I’m thrilled about that, despite the stupid track ball.

I grab my phone to check the weather back home, scroll down to see the forcast for the rest of the day and BINGO! Track ball is working fine.

I’m good.

P.S. Keep it all in perspective.

Todd Kmiec

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