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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – Referrals and Competitors

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

My wife and I have used the same service people for our cars since we first moved to town, about 7 years ago.  We just got lucky.  We had to take the cars in for service, so we went to the nearest place and they were great.  Over the years we got to know them well and we knew we could really trust them.

Last year, they told us that their lease would not be renewed so they were going to be out of business.  Many small businesses lease their property on long term leases.  We’ve heard of several recently that have been forced out of business as leases were not renewed.  So it came to an end for them and we were left not knowing where to take the cars for service.  Fortunately, we now know plenty of people in town and asked some friends who they use.  One of our friends had owned an auto body shop and the family had been in town forever (they recently lost their lease as well and had to close the business).  They recommended someone and we trust their opinion. 

So today my wife brought her car in, and they were great.  It really looks like we have a great new provider for auto service and hopefully someone we can use and trust for a long time.  A couple of things came to mind for me when thinking about this experience.  For one thing, there is always someone out there doing what you do and doing a great job.  Everyone is replaceable, so you have to be great.  Secondly, the people who do a great job are not always the first you run into or see.  So referrals are key, whether you are giving them or getting them.  If you do great work, you’ll be referred to others.  If people do great work for you, it pays for everyone for you to refer them to others.

If we all keep that in mind, we make things a lot easier for people we know and we help bring business to those who really earn it.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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