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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – The Spirit of Adventure

December 17, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m reading a book called The Spirit of Adventure.  It’s a scout related book and I’m a father of a scout so I have an interest.  I like the program so much that my youngest son will start in scouts next year and I’m thrilled with what I see the program doing for my boys.

One of the primary points of the book so far is about the value of adventure, embracing the unknown.  The unknown is really what makes something an adventure and the stories in the book are about the character of those who take on unknown circumstances and find a way to succeed.  This is what is so great about the scouting program.  It teaches the skills the boys need to learn to take care of themselves and then gives them the opportunity to use those skills, and teamwork, and leadership in all kinds of circumstances.  It builds character, but also creates incredible experiences for them.  The only true courage is in being out there, completely vulnerable.  That doesn’t mean unprepared.  It means no guarantee of success and facing challenges with confidence in your skills to adjust and succeed.

For those of us running businesses, in recruiting or otherwise, we know all too well what this is all about.  Business is all about building something important and involves plans to succeed, but the need to face unknown challenges with no guarantee of success.  It takes character to succeed in business and there is nothing more rewarding.  The spirit of adventure is all about embracing the unknown and pursuing goals in the face of it with passion.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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