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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – GREAT Unemployment Numbers. Really.

We had great unemployment numbers today.  I’m not kidding.  Sometime early in the downturn when unemployment started to reach these awful levels of around 8% to 10%, I wrote about and conversed with others about unemployment numbers.

Those discussions were really interesting along with the look back to historical numbers on unemployment and the recruiting industry.  What I came out of that with is the belief that we don’t need low unemployment to have a good recruiting industry climate.  We just need unemployment heading in the right direction.  Why is that?  When unemployment heads in the right direction, no matter how bad the total number is, employers in general are not reducing their workforce.  That can come because they have slimmed down as much as they can and there are no more cuts to make, or from real growth.

All business owners, and those running businesses or divisions of businesses, want to keep doing business and want to grow.  So they will be ahead of the economy in trying to build the structure they need to grow.  The economy may be getting better and maybe it is not getting all that much better.  However, things are getting better for many companies and they are getting better in recruiting.  A big reason why may be just because those companies and our industry have slimmed down so much that we are at the right size or the right capacity.  When you see unemployment stabilize for a while, even though that stability is at about 10%, it seems like companies and industries are done contracting.  With little improvements or even more stability, the unemployment numbers reflect good things for those of us in recruiting.

As always we’ll see how it plays out, but make no mistake about it, these are good numbers.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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