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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – The Role Of Government

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Paul Ryan said something last night that cuts to the core of the big political divide in this country, and that divide is really deep and really important from my perspective.  He said that the debate needs to be about “The Role Of Government”. 

Now I did not watch the State of the Union address or the response.  It’s really a lot of smoke and rhetoric and doesn’t amount to much and it gets really old.  I did hear some clips today though, and the line about the role of government was one I was really glad to hear.  I’m on the side that believes the government is way too big and everything they do and meddle in is made worse.  I see this as a big issue because when the government grabs power and money and gets in the way, it makes business conditions worse and affects the standard of living of all in this country. 

People in this country need to get beyond the bologna we are fed by the politicians and decide what role we want our government to play.  Do we want them to take care of everyone or just protect from fraud and abuse?  Is their role to make it happen or is their role to just make sure nobody is being abusive or abused?  The problem with having the government take care of everyone is that no government has ever been able to do that well.  I don’t believe it is possible to give any government lots of power and money and not have that money and power abused and wasted.  Someone recently told me that they don’t believe most people are capable of taking care of themselves and they need the government to be in control and force their decisions etc….  What a sad commentary.

Paul Ryan knows the answer to the debate.  The role of government should be to protect, not to take care of, not to guide, not make the world fair.  If that protection means protection against foreign enemies, and fraud and abuse at home, and even protection against hunger and lack of shelter (welfare), then great.  That makes sense.  Nobody wants to live in a country where people are dying in the streets.  However, nobody wants to live in a country where there is no freedom or opportunity and where the ruling class takes so much money out of the system and makes so many rules that prosperity suffers.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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