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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – Good Inflation?

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I am hearing more and more from other recruiters that they are getting more and more busy.  So are we.  We are also seeing solid signs of inflation.  Are the two related?

Today they reported the CPI and were basically saying there was very little inflation.   However, they report that ex- food and energy.  So when you go fill up at over $3 a gallon or check out at the grocery store with a bigger hit, keep in mind how low inflation is.  No doubt about it, inflation is there and many think it is certain that we’ll have very high inflation in the near future.  Inflation is bad for most.  Especially for those on a fixed income or at the lower end of the income range.  They get hit very hard on their cost of living without an equal or better income increase. 

But is it good for recruiters?  The last time we had high inflation, I was not in the recruiting business.  However, we are so sensitive to business conditions and thrive on companies and industries growing and competing and spending and their need for key employees that I think the effect of high inflation on recruiting will be great.  This is something I’m going to pay a lot of attention to going forward.  All indications at this point are that inflation for our business is good.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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