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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – Building A Smarter Work Force

I heard yesterday that the NFL team with the highest number of college graduates is……the New England Patriots.  The point was, this is no coincidence, they do this by design.  The point was also that it works.

Why does an NFL team want college grads?  Maybe they feel they are smarter.  Maybe they feel that they have proven they can concentrate on two important pursuits at one time, football and school.  Maybe they believe that a group of generally smarter people can learn a playbook and complex schemes better.  We have clients that require a college degree, even on positions where we may feel that experience should qualify someone whether they have a degree or not.  But we aren’t running the company and their strategy may involve an overall focus for their work force like this.

We’ve also had clients that like other specific backgrounds, former college athletes for sales position as an example.  Building a smarter work force makes a lot of sense.  More importantly, for those of us in recruiting it is important to understand that a client’s overall strategy is their strategy and we need to understand that and help find the people that fit.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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