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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – Focus On Systems

As things ramp up in recruiting, one of the dangers we can all fall into is trying to orchestrate things to be exactly as we envision them as opposed to focusing on the success or production of overall systems.  It’s important to treat your business like a business and not try to micro manage individual cases.

Here’s what I mean.  Every recruiter I know has a database of candidates and builds that database over time.  This is one system within their business.  If you fall into the trap of saying you want to find 20 candidates in your database that you are able to place that year, then you are trying to force your ideal scenario within that system.  Instead, you’ll be far more successful if you focus on the production from your database in total.  Concentrate on how many placements you make from the database over the course of the year and then focus on strengthening that database every day so it produces more.  You want to measure the production of the entire database, not the individual parts and situations.  Treat this part of your business like a business.  All recruiters I know also have a sourcing strategy and tools that they use to source new candidates.  This is another system within your business.  The focus here should not be on one search, one candidate, or one situation.  It should be on the overall production of your sourcing strategy.  How many candidates that can be presented to clients are generated, how many get interviews, how many get hired that come from that system. 

By focusing on systems like a business you can tweak those systems to improve their production.  If you focus on orchestrating individual situations to be the way you imagine them, you run the risk of trashing good systems and always having to start over.  One situation is not important, the production of the entire system is.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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