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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – Extreme Commuters, Relo, and Gas Prices

This morning I heard the term Extreme Commuters for the first time.  Extreme Commuters are those who commute 90 minutes or more each way to work.  The report said that we’re seeing a lot more of these folks now because of two things.  One is housing prices.  It’s just too hard for many people to sell their house.  The other is that workers are more specialized now.

Everyone knows about housing prices, but the specialization point is definitely true as well.  We see far more specialization these days at all levels.  Even hourly pay jobs for technicians and similar require more specialized experience than we saw in the past.  Companies don’t need just a Quality Engineer any more.  They need a Quality Engineer with exerpience in fibre optics or experience in specific metal processing or specific product lines.  This does make it more difficult to find the right candidate locally in a lot of cases.  About 30% of our fills this year are relocations.  That’s a lot.  Relo is tough.  It’s expensive, and the housing issue makes it even harder.

If we really do have more Extreme Commuters, then gas prices are going to become a real big issue.  For recruiters and for HR folks and hiring managers, these are becoming big issues and they will be challenges that we continue to face.  In many cases, the specialization is a must so these other issues are just things we’ll have to deal with.

Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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