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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – Another Bad Jobs Report. So Now What?

Another bad jobs report this week.  It’s not really shocking that we are still over 9% unemployment and not creating any new jobs to speak of.  While we’ve had some reports that are better than others over the last couple of years, nothing has really changed.  The bad part is not where we are, but that we’ve been here for a while and there is really no reason to believe this is going to change for a long time.

It’s a new world as far as business conditions and recruiting go.  The overall market for jobs used to be bigger, but that was also due in large part to the biggest bubble of our lives.  This is what the post bubble world looks like for us.  While we have a smaller overall jobs market, we also have a smaller recruiting industry and it seems to be about the right size.  Business is pretty good for most and this is happening while we seem to be establishing a permanent unemployed/underemployed class.  Nobody wants to see that happen, but it does appear to be happening.  While that is going on, companies have learned to do business with less.  They are slimmer and more efficient.  For our part, there seems to be no shortage of needs that require outside help.

There is some concern out there that the economy may be in for an even bigger fall.  The thought is that the last couple of years have been nothing but printing money to try and hold up the bubble and it has not been able to deflate.  If they stop printing money (end of June?) then what happens?  The stock market starting to break down this week is not a good sign.  If that continues we may have some indication that there is more trouble ahead.  However, if things do remain about the same and unemployment doesn’t go significantly higher from here, but just stays the same or edges down, then things will probably be pretty good for recruiting overall.


Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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