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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – It’s Not A Game Of Perfect

Years ago I had the opportunity to see a presentation by a sports psychologist named Dr. Bob Rotella.  It was great, and subsequently I read a couple of his books.  One of the books is Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect.  Rotella worked with some of the greatest golfers in the world and this book and line of thinking is something that I think is great and relates incredibly well to recruiting.

Golfers can easily fall into the trap of trying to create the perfect swing and hit the perfect shot.  The problem with that is they dwell on the last shot not being perfect or worry about the next shot not being perfect.  But golf is not a game of perfect.  There really are no perfect swings or perfect shots.  So the “perfect” stress does nothing but keep you from performing at your best.  Golf is really a game of imperfect shots leading to the hole.  It is much like the old analagy of a ship sailing to it’s destination for someone working towards a goal.  The ship is constantly off course and correcting back and forth on the way there.  But in golf, like sailing, if you keep making the best shot you can make at that moment you will reach your goal.

Recruiting is the same.  Any focus on the candidate that wasn’t the right fit or hopes in trying to force the next candidate to be the right fit is a waste of time and energy that should be spent on making the best shot you can at that moment.  Good jobs and good candidates equal filled positions, but not all good jobs and good candidates.  It’s not a perfect world and we can’t force it to be.  The penalty a golfer faces for dwelling on past shots or future shots and scores is big.  You can’t win by doing that.  Same thing in recruiting.  There is a big penalty for wasted time and mental gymnastics.  Loss of of time and opportunity to make the next shot and make it as good as you can at that moment.


Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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