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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – No Summertime Blues

Despite business conditions that are not so great and an outlook that is very cloudy at best, things are going well for us and I think well for most others in the industry.  We continue to see a wide variety of job orders that need outside help and companies are willing to move forward and make those key hires.

Unemployment is still horrible and a real long term problem.  Most business owners and those running divisions of companies are still very cautious.  Some of that is clearly the sting of the last couple of years, but some of it is that they just know things are not that strong.  If you have P&L responsibility you always have a feel for how things are and that is not strong for most.  Yet with all this going on we are very near a record quarter and the pipeline of deals and candidates in process is as strong as, or stronger than, I’ve ever seen it.  The opportunity to do well in recruiting is there now and I think the capabilities of those in recruiting now are stronger than they’ve ever been.

Some of that comes from the maturation of new tools and some comes from the fact that a good percentage of those in the business were flushed out over the last couple of years.  This is a great business to be in and everything points to that being the case for a long time to come.  Business conditions in general may be weak for a long time to come, but the business world has adjusted to that.  Companies have figured out how to run profitably in the post bubble world.  Recruiters and recruiting agencies have done that as well or they are no longer around.  So things are plugging along at a good clip and our industry, as well as the rest of the business world, has right sized itself to where it should be.  If you’re doing well now, imagine how good things will be during better periods down the line.


Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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