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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – How To Create A Job

With a whopping 18,000 jobs created last month there has been a lot of talk about job creation.  So with that in mind I thought it would be worth looking at how jobs are created.  Those of us in the recruiting business have great experience in this area.  We see the jobs that are created and talk to those who are creating them every day.  The jobs we are talking to clients about are good jobs as well.  Nobody hires a recruiter to find cashiers, but key positions at all levels come through us.

Profits + Optimism = Jobs.  That’s it.  So when anyone tells you they are doing something to create jobs, you have to ask if what they are doing will generate profits for someone who can hire more people and if it will make that person optimistic that they can do something to generate more business by taking on more employees.  Without these two key factors and those factors being involved with someone who has hiring authority good jobs are not created.

During the bubble burst period of ’08 and ’09 profits weren’t there and optimism wasn’t either.  That was death to jobs.  Those who run businesses and divisions of companies are generally optimistic motivated people, so as time went on they tried to find things to be optimistic about.  Plans that they felt would grow their business.  As businesses scaled back costs and work forces, profits started to appear for some companies.  Despite very challenging business conditions, there was some optimism and some profits and therefore, some hiring.  But it’s tough.  Optimism and profits are not running strong and are not present everywhere.

When the Bush administration ran their stimulus package in the last year of his Presidency, they sent checks out to most Americans.  This was supposed to create jobs.  Really?  The thought was that people would spend the money giving companies profits and optimism and that this would start hiring and growth.  Doesn’t make sense.  A little blip in purchasing off of a Government check does not create real sustained profits.  Hiring authorities are smarter than that and they aren’t into making reckless decisions.  So that is wasted money.  The Obama administration stimuluses or stimuli (whichever is correct) are the same.  Wasted money creating tons of additional debt that will hold down profits and optimism in the future.  No hiring authority is more optimistic because of these efforts.  What about other Government efforts?  Regulations and efforts to control which businesses succeed don’t create optimism.  They make it harder to do business.

If you want to see strong job creation, find a way to make hiring authorities more optimistic and let them be a little more profitable.  The magic comes with momentum and when thes motivated optimistic people see a little more growth and profits they push for more growth and profits and that creates lots of jobs.


Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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