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Random Thoughts On Recruiting – The War On Jobs, or The War On The Job Creators?

There was an article this week going around social media circles on The War On Jobs.  There were some decent points made about how companies are doing things to take jobs out of the country or eliminate them altogether and have been for a long time.  All basically true.  The angle here seems to be that these companies are wrong for doing this.  They are evil or they have an anti America agenda.  The greedy business owners and folks running companies large and small are hurting the country all so they can make more money.

But this is a pretty shallow view of the problem and like most things you have to dig a little deeper if you want to understand and solve it.  Those of us in recruiting deal with business owners, HR Directors, those running divisions of companies, pretty much anyone in a position to make hiring decisions and hiring plans.  We’ve got pretty solid experience with these people and I would argue that we know them and understand them better than just about any other group.

I don’t know of a single hiring authority or company that takes jobs overseas, decides not to hire, or lays people off because they have an agenda against the worker in general or the country.  It simply doesn’t happen.  They all have an agenda to run a profitable business and to grow it.  That’s their motivation.  If they reach their goal they hire more people, retain more people, and pay more people more money.  So why do they do these things?  Because they need to in order to be profitable and grow.

Now I am one who would argue for as little regulation or government involvement as possible, but set that aside.  No matter where you are politically, look at the basics of how we treat the businesses and put yourself in their shoes.  Take a real basic regulation, minimum wage.  Now you can argue that we have to have a decent minimum wage so people can have a basic standard of living and that is a great argument.  Maybe we do need that.  However, put yourself in the business owner’s shoes.  If it costs you significantly more to have the work done here because of the minimum wage and you can’t run your operation profitably without going overseas then you have no choice.  The business owner doesn’t dislike the American worker or the country.  He’s just doing what he has to do.  Now I’m not arguing to abolish the minimum wage, but you have to know that when you regulate a business owner and when you take money away from him in taxes and other costs that you make it harder for him and he will change his behavior to make it work.

With this in mind, look what we’ve done in this country for the last 100 years.  We created laws and huge systems like Social Security that make it much more costly for the business owner.  Decade after decade politicians get in, create more regulations and more laws and build more obstacles for the business owner.  Are these regulations and laws necessary?  Maybe.  Maybe not in some cases.  Do they need to be as stringent or costly as they are or could they be changed to reduce their impact on the hiring authority?  If you want more jobs then you have to seriously look at how you treat the job creator.

Now I know that there are corrupt people in high places in some businesses and they should be taken care of.  The fact is, these are very few and they can be taken care of without putting an anchor around the neck of all of the good people.  In general and for the most part, the hiring authorities in this country are good people.  They are motivated and hard working and they put in tremendous effort on a daily basis.  If they succeed they create jobs and drive the economy.  While there are good motivations for a lot of the laws and regulations we have, we have to honestly look at their impact on all parties, including the job creators.  The perception that there is a war on jobs in this country is because of the real war on job creators.

Todd Kmiec



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