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Holiday Slow Down

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

The holiday slow down is here.  At least for us it is.  Every year around this time we see things slow down in recruiting.

Many companies shut down the process of hiring for certain positions until after New Years, many have budget and needs analysis going on, and of course many in recruiting/HR along with hiring managers are on vacation or wrapping up to end the year.  So things slow down.  Fewer new job orders, fewer things in early stages moving forward.

Looking back at business in December over the years, we’ve seen solid numbers and really no slow down in hires.  While other activities are slowing down, there are always positions that are critical and need to be filled before year end.  So this is a productive, but different time for many of us in recruiting.  It’s a great time to ramp up for a strong start to the new year and at the same time to finish deals that need to be done.  For us the work is a little less hectic, but you have to be there to get the important things done.

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