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Merry Christmas

December 26, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

What makes a Christmas Merry?  There are a lot of good answers for this….Family, Faith, Good Presents (my kids would say).  What I believe makes a a Christmas Merry and a New Years Happy for most people is optimism.

There are many people starting a new career or advancing their career with a new company.  I know, we’ve placed a bunch of them.  There are many companies growing and looking forward to reaching greater levels in their business.  I know this as well, we talk to many of them every day.  There are folks who were unemployed and have now found a position and things are looking much better for them.

There are also still far too many people unemployed or underemployed.  The Great Recession has had a real negative impact on a lot of people, on a lot of families.  For them, if the optimism is not there, it is very difficult to have a Merry Christmas.  Our way of life in America was built on optimism.  The outlook that you can improve, that you can build something, that you can do well with your life and be rewarded.

Optimism is great and we need as much of it for as many people as we can.  That’s best for everyone.


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