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Personal Income Up?

Personal Income up 4%.  This is a totally baseless claim.  I read it in a blog and the blog did not site any source at all so I have no idea if this is even close to true.

However, it might be true.  In our totally unscientific survey, we have seen higher salaries.  Who believes the actual reported numbers anyway?  Our unscientific results are probably more on target.  But we have seen higher salaries over the last few months and maybe even over the last six months to a year.

For years before this, at least in our experience, we did not see higher salaries on various positions.  There has definitely been a change and that change is generally good for those of us in recruiting.  It may be inflationary (I still don’t buy the massive inflation is coming line of thought) but regardless of that it increases the amount of money people make and spend which, at least temporarily, helps businesses grow and of course it increases total fees on placements.  Personal income and salaries will be interesting to watch for a while, both the reported numbers and in general.


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