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Business Conditions, Budgets, and Debt

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The big news today is the new budget proposed by the President and all of the additional debt it would pile on the country.

As we continue on with business conditions that are certainly better than they were a couple of years ago and recruiting that is much better, you have to ask if the debt matters. The long and the short of it for those of us in recruiting is that it’s a bet that more than likely will hurt us and maybe a lot.

The bet is that extra spending which creates the additional debt will spur growth that drives things to levels where we can pay off the debt. Unlikely because the mountain of debt is already an anchor around our economy. As good as things have gotten in recruiting vs a couple of years ago, they could be a lot better. I think the best we can hope for from business conditions is a long road of the same as we have now. From my perspective that wouldn’t be bad.

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