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Celebrity Tip and The Forgotten Man

There is a story going around locally about a celebrity who was in town, hosted a dinner at nice restaurant, and left a huge tip.  The waiter apparently was so impressed that he took a picture of the ticket with the celebrity’s name on it and the large tip that he left and posted it on Facebook.

The waiter was fired.

So the uproar is about how he wasn’t hurting the celebrity and in fact was making him look good so they should let it go.  It’s not like he was hurting the celebrity’s reputation.  What the arguments fail to see is how the forgotten man, the business owner, is the one being treated unfairly.  It’s now out there that if you go to this restaurant, it’s possible that your check will end up on Facebook.  That’s not good for business and it certainly could be bad for business.  The waiter had to be fired.  The business owner can’t let it be know that he would tolerate this.

It can’t always be just about the waiter.


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