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Perspective On Employment Numbers

As a recruiter I have come to really look forward to and enjoy the employment number reports.  I realize that the numbers are massaged and we are always looking at political spin on these things, but they still tell us a lot.

When unemployment started trending up, business got more difficult for recruiters.  When it escalated rapidly we were in the midst of the bubble burst and things were extremely difficult.  Back then we talked about the idea that it is not the level of unemployment that matters so much to us as recruiters, but the direction of the trend.  The White House is now out there throwing that line around, pay attention to the trend.  For those of us in recruiting, I think they are right.  Coming down from 9 1/2% unemployment to 8 1/2% has been wonderful.

But 8 1/2% unemployment is not a good number.  The long term unemployed problem in this country is going to have big negative effects and it is a horrible thing for so many people to go through.  Yet for the recruiting business it appears that a slow march to slightly better unemployment for a long time is great.

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