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Recruiting Peyton Manning

Watching the recruiting of Peyton Manning over the last few days has been interesting.  Make no mistake about it, this is recruiting with all of the factors that we see every day.

He is a star performer that can have a huge impact on an organization.  Star performers are out there in all fields and there are not a lot of them.

The teams that are after him are known.  They have a brand or a reputation, whatever you want to call it.  Over the years they have established and built that brand or reputation to be what it is and that is a big part of the decision for him.

He brings a ton a value to the table, but there are costs.  Money is one, but also how he will impact the rest of the organization.

Manning may or may not be the best fit for a given team.  Just like any business, teams have to decide what they want to be and what their strategy is to become that.  They have to know if this is a piece that fits and what costs are acceptable.


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