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Marketing Candidates

I was asked by a prospective client, who we are not working on a search for, if we have anyone that fits their current need.  I told him that we can go out and find them.  He asked if we have one ready to go and I said we don’t market candidates.  This seemed to be a surprise to him.

Now I understand that there are a lot of ways to skin a cat and that there are people in our industry who market candidates.  If it works for them that’s wonderful, but I believe it is the wrong way to go.  First and foremost, the candidate is not your client.  They don’t pay the fee.  In third party recruiting you are working for the client company to fill a need for them and they pay the fee.

The idea that you have a candidate in inventory that will fill that need brings an immediate conflict of interest into the relationship, and in recruiting there is absolutely no need for a conflict of interest with your client.  I’m not saying recruiters shouldn’t use their database to find candidates that fill a need or who can refer them to the right candidate.  I am saying that taking a candidate and going out to find a client to pay a fee for that candidate is both inefficient and a poor way to serve your client.

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