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Job Growth and Business Conditions

If you’ve been in recruiting for the last 10 years or 20 years, the chart below will be real interesting.  You should see a tremendous correlation between the levels of job growth per year and how business was during that period.  The chart is in hundreds of thousands of jobs.

chart.png (338×308)

The great take away here is not that job growth is good for business.  We all know that.  But look how big the numbers were in the 90s.  Check out the slow down when the tech bubble burst in ’01 and ’02.  Then look at the weaker growth through the last decade and the bubble burst in ’08 and ’09.  I don’t think you can expect job growth and recruiting conditions like we saw in the 90s, but better times than the last decade should lie ahead and the bubble burst was a huge shock to the system.  If your business has been good, your future’s really bright.



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