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Older Work Population

We have a working population that is getting older and a couple of things this past weekend emphasized this for me.  Fifty is the new Thirty.  I read an interesting piece saying how health conscious baby boomers are working longer, taking care of themselves and really living more like 30 year olds.

I think there is some real truth to that.  There seems to be a lot of people in that age range that aren’t focused on retirement, but on living well.  I then went to an Elton John concert and you have to give him credit.  Well into his sixties and I doubt he has to work, but he’s touring and working and doing what he does.  No sign of slowing down.

At some point you would think that this would impact hiring and the general age of those hired for different positions would edge up.  I don’t think we’ve seen any real strong signs of this yet, but stronger business conditions at some point with fewer qualified young workers and an energetic motivated aging population may change that.

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