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More On Negotiating

Many years ago we had a candidate for a job that received an excellent offer. This particular company believed in putting their best offer out there and they really liked this candidate. He was a great fit for them.

The candidate was currently making $93k. The offer was for $126k with strong benefits and a great career path. He countered, asking for $135k. The client could not believe it. What would make him think that big a bump in pay makes sense? It could have turned out that he was woefully underpaid in his current role, deserved the higher level of pay, and had other offers at that level. This would be rare, but it can happen. As it turned out, he just believed that you always negotiate, while the client believed you put your best offer out there and never negotiate.

There are different perspectives on offers and negotiation. In this case, both sides understood that different perspectives are fine and he accepted the offer at $126k. Good negotiators understand that there are different perspectives and have an ability to put themselves in the other party’s shoes.

Todd Kmiec
Todd Kmiec and Associates

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