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This weekend I’m on a trip with my kids so I’m using my hot spot to stay connected. I have one of those 3G / 4G hot spots so it picks up 4G when it can and otherwise uses 3G.

The difference is incredible. What I’m able to do on 3G seems almost worthless. When it was all we had and all we knew, it was fine. Uploading pictures, streaming video, even loading up rich reading apps is difficult and slow on 3G. Downloading complex apps? We need a strong high speed connection with greater bandwidth than the 4G.

The correlation with business is impossible to miss here. Both in recruiting and outside of it, we see business models and processes that are good and work. Yet we see some running their process in 3G when they could really open it up. Once you have a successful process, it’s all about bandwidth.

Todd Kmiec
Todd Kmiec and Associates

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