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True Free Enterprise

True Free Enterprise is best for Recruiters.  It’s best for everyone, including Occupy Wall Street.  The movement is back in the news today and it reminded me of what Michael Lewis said a few weeks back.  Lewis said if he were in charge of the movement he would organize them to boycott the “Too Big To Fail” institutions and grow the boycott to the point where it impacts their business significantly.

Great plan, because as much as those institutions will say they are for Free Enterprise, they aren’t.  True Free Enterprise is wide open competition without anyone taking advantage of others unfairly.  Buying votes, stacking boards with political connections, and other efforts to make laws or regulations that keep others from competing with you is not free enterprise.  True free enterprise makes companies compete on what they can provide and the competition is best for everyone.  Most importantly, it produces the most vibrant business conditions which will generate the most good jobs on a consistent basis.  Whether you call yourself Occupy Wall Street, or a Free Enterprise Libertarian, or a Conservative, or a Liberal, if you are for true free enterprise then I’m on your side, and so should everyone be who wants stronger business conditions and more good jobs for more people.


Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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