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Manufacturing Returning To The U.S. ?

There have been a number of news items recently about manufacturing jobs returning to the US.  What if it’s true?  Can you imagine?

It’s not all just wishful thinking.  There are real signs that there is some movement in this direction.

As we see more manufacturing jobs ramp up in recruiting, you can easily tell that it is becoming more attractive to either keep manufacturing here or bring it back here.  Wages are not equal around the world, but they are getting closer, and it doesn’t take much to make it more attractive to manufacture here and pay a somewhat higher wage.  The other factors; shipping, suppliers, governments etc…all play in to the calculation.

It may be just beginning and may have a long way to go, but imagine the impact of more manufacturing in the US going forward.  More jobs, more people earning income, more business for suppliers, more competing products developed leading to more jobs and higher incomes.

Todd Kmiec

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