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The 100% Fee

In response to the Purple Squirrel post yesterday, someone asked an excellent question.  Would a client pay a 100% fee for the right candidate in some situations?

The answer is yes, although I’m not sure that’s the way to go.  There is no question that some roles are so critical and so hard to fill that if you could find the right candidate and bring them to the client in a timely manner they would be willing to pay a fee of 100% of salary.  However, if you went into each client relationship requiring a 100% fee, you wouldn’t have much work.  Alternately, you could require the 100% fee only in the most difficult situations where it may be worth it to the client.  But is that the relationship you want with your client?  You may get the 100% placement, equal to four 25% placements, but you may not get all the future 25% placements.

In my view, the way to go is to charge a fair rate and do everything you can to help that client fill their needs and make their business better, regardless of the difficulty of the search.


Todd Kmiec


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