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Social Networks Will Change Recruiting….A Little

Job Boards changed recruiting. When they first became mainstream many people thought it would be the end of third party recruiting.

The Job Boards certainly expanded the reach that companies have on their own, allowing them to fill more jobs without outside help. However, they expanded the reach of Third Party Recruiters too, and by a lot more. So recruiters were able to fill more difficult positions. A scenario that made things better for everyone.

Now we have Social Networks and they are mainstream. Social Networks are going to change recruiting, but I think just a little and much less than job boards did. They will expand the reach of employee referrals, a little bit. It makes sense that someone will connect with an old High School friend that is a fit for a job at their company and that they would not have been connected to that person without Facebook. But even this will be somewhat rare. The idea that a company will have greater reach with potential candidates because of their Fan Page or activities in Talent Communities as opposed to through their website which already existed is silly.

And here’s the big thing…..while companies will be able to reach more people through their connections on Social Networks, Third Party Recruiters will be able to reach far more through their connections and activities on them. Every tool that comes along is used to a much greater degree by someone who concentrates all of their efforts and expertise in the use of tools for that one purpose.

Todd Kmiec

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