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It’s The Difficulty, Not The Level

Yesterday I had to be towed because my Suburban broke down about an hour from home. Because I drive a Suburban, we had to have a pretty big truck for the tow. Our driver was great. He typically does the big tractor trailers after wrecks, which is pretty specialized work.

On the ride home he was telling me how they have difficulty finding qualified drivers / recovery specialists. There are a lot drivers out there with a nick on their driving record, or without the problem solving skills and experience to get the rigs out of tricky situations. If they do more damage after they hook them up, the damage is on them, so the business model can fall apart easily without the necessary skills in the employees handling each situation.

It’s not necessarily how high level the position is that makes it worth using third party recruiters. It’s all about how difficult the right talent is to find and attract. The difficult positions to fill are also the critical positions that make the business work.

Todd Kmiec

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