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The Value Of Experience

How much does experience play in recruiting success?

A lot. If you’ve been in recruiting for a while, think about how quickly you can tell a candidate is not a fit compared to how quickly you would see this when you started. Candidates don’t like the thought of recruiters discounting them quickly, but experience working on more searches that are similar develops an intuitive sense that is tremendously valuable.

The time saved is best for everyone involved so both the recruiter and the candidate can move on and spend that time and energy finding the right fit. The same goes for that extended level of reach, understanding when a candidate may not be right for this role but has a good chance of being able to refer you to the right candidate. That extra level is huge. It not only expands reach, but it targets that reach on very high potential candidates. The ability to recognize these opportunities and to take advantage of them comes from experience.

Todd Kmiec
Todd Kmiec and Associates

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