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A Business For Addicts

Anyone who has been in recruiting for a while knows how addictive the business is.

Why is that? One reason is that it is complex enough to be challenging, but not so complex that it loses you. It’s not rocket science, but it takes effort and concentration to be good. We all have a seemingly endless list of “war stories”, the crazy things that happen in recruiting, both good and bad.

There is no other business that has such a high level of motivation on two separate sides that are not in competition with each other, but not wholly aligned either. One of the most important things in every candidate’s life is their career. The lifeblood of every business is it’s employees, it’s talent.

And in the middle we not only can make great money, but our success is based primarily on how often everyone gets what they want.

Todd Kmiec
Todd Kmiec and Associates

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