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Every Tom, Dick, and Harry

Talking with a prospective client the other day, he had a complaint about dealing with recruiters in the past.  I explained that the hire decision is his, we just find people, and he said that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was, this recruiter just sent over every Tom, Dick, and Harry he could find.  They didn’t fit his position so it was a huge waste of time to deal with all the resumes that didn’t fit.  He went on to explain that he recently placed an ad and had literally over a hundred candidates apply and maybe two were even close to the specs.  A high school teacher applying for an engineering job, for example.  He said he wonders if they even read the job posting because they didn’t have any of the qualifications he needed.

Our world of recruiting becomes more and more complex all the time.  More people, more jobs, more ways to communicate.  It is an ocean of people and issues.  This isn’t going to change.  The tools that try to simplify it don’t make a dent fast enough to keep up with the complexity.  Good recruiters cut through the complexity and simplify.


Todd Kmiec

Todd Kmiec and Associates


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