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The Forgotten Man

Amity Shlaes wrote a fantastic book about the Great Depression and business called The Forgotten Man. The forgotten man was the business man, as opposed to the government or the worker. The basic concept was that the government focused on how to help the average person (and buy votes to stay elected) and completely dissed the business man.

I read a lot of recruiting industry articles and blogs and I’m amazed at how many are focused on the candidate and some on the recruiter while completely forgetting about the business. It’s as if we think jobs are there for people to have something to do and to make a living, not to run a business that provides a product or service.

The critical thing that gets clouded over is that business drives what is best for everyone. Better business, more jobs, more growth, more competition, more pay. The forgotten man (the business) is exactly who we should be focused on. Recruiting starts with a business that has a need.

Todd Kmiec
Todd Kmiec and Associates

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