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Salary Too Low?

September 19, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Third party recruiters will sometimes complain that the salary is too low on a position. Most of the time it’s the same people that complain about various salaries being too low.

In nearly all cases, HR has it right and there are candidates that fit within the range. What the recruiter is really saying is that it is too hard to find a person with those qualifications at that money. The candidate pool is made too small because of the range.

What if we fixed that? If money wasn’t an issue and the client could pay any salary. $1,000,000 a year to teach 4th grade, for example. Would you need a recruiter to fill that position? Of course not. The fact that their is a tight budget on a position helps make it a position where outside help is needed.

The fact is that employment overall is a huge market so salaries find their right levels. If salaries are too high, companies can’t make a profit and stay in business. If they are too low nobody will take the job and they can’t run their business. A salary that is too high is much more costly over time than a recruiting fee. The market is at the right level and recruiting is a key part of the market.

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