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What Businesses Focus On

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Businesses focus on what’s best for their business. What their clients want. Sometimes we lose sight of who a business serves.

College sports conferences are going crazy with realignment and I don’t like it. Many fans are upset that their conferences are changing…. Maryland to the Big 10, Notre Dame to the ACC, Texas A&M to the SEC. It changes everything for us fans. I like the old ACC with great basketball rivalries in the Southeast and they are wrecking the league. But I’m not the customer and neither are any of the fans that are upset about this. We don’t directly matter.

Advertisers are the customer and big nationwide football conferences with a presence in all TV markets drive the biggest ratings and make by far the most money. So if I don’t get to see the Tar Heels play Maryland each year or ,God forbid, Duke and Carolina don’t play any more, the conferences don’t really care.

When you see a business doing something that you don’t think makes sense, take a step back and ask yourself who they serve.


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