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The Lives We Touch

December 15, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The day I’m writing this I went to my daughter’s school to see a play they have been working on in drama. As I stood in the back of the room waiting for it to begin, a friend with a daughter in the same grade asked me, “can you believe what happened in Connecticut?” I hadn’t heard yet about the school shootings.

A lot of things go through your mind as you stand in your kid’s elementary school hearing a story like that. What those families must be going through and will have to deal with going forward. Who could have done this and how troubled they must have been.

We touch so many lives in recruiting. People running companies and departments that we help find the talent they need, candidates that we help make a career move, candidates that are looking for a change or a job that we don’t find a home for, etc…. We can’t know them all in a significantly personal way, but they have real lives including the great things, but also the troubles and tragedies. Sometimes that’s easy to forget.


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