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Specialized Perspective

Specialization has been pushed into being a marketing concept over the years. But specialization is not about marketing, it’s about delivery. Your delivery is a big part of your marketing, but it is not just marketing.

Ruth’s Chris specializes in steak. Sure there is some fish on the menu, but high end steak dinners are the specialty and certainly a big part of the marketing. McDonalds doesn’t specialize in beef or chicken, and they don’t specialize in fries or ice cream. They specialize in food delivered fast and inexpensively.

Your specialization should be in what you want to deliver and what you can best deliver. If that is widgets, then that is great. It shouldn’t be widgets because you want to be seen as the widget expert for marketing purposes. Recruiters do need to specialize to be great, but that specialization is more about what they can deliver and how they can deliver and doesn’t necessarily have to be about the industry or role of the candidates they recruit.


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