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Shock Proof

Since the Financial Crisis in 2008 I have believed that the good that came out of that is that we are now shock proof, or at least a lot more shock resistant than we used to be.

Many of us were in business in some fashion on 911. That was quite a day and personally shocking. But business recovered quickly from that and went back to normal. There were places that it didn’t of course, but for the most part people found their way back to business fairly quickly.

2008 was different. Business stopped then and it was as if everyone was coming into work with no clue what to do or what to expect next. We were in shock. Tragedies like what happened in Boston the other day are terrible, but they don’t impact business any more. Recessions, business failures, financial fraud, and even wars are now blips on the screen from a business perspective. Doesn’t make these things okay, but the business world has been hardened enough to handle them.


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