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Moment Of Truth

I read a short interesting post today that I think is dead on.  The writer talked about this being the moment of truth for our economy.

We’ve been in this slow long recovery mode for a while.  As we emerged from the downturn, we talked a lot about how this is going to be a long road to recovery.  Much like turning the Titanic around.  That has clearly played out and many have been hoping for, and trying to talk up, a ramp up from that slow recovery.  We came into this year with many hoping for 3 plus percent growth and some talking about 4%.

The weather was to blame for a slow first quarter and that does seem valid as business in general seems decent.  The May numbers are coming in and they are pretty good.  So June is going to be interesting.  May could have been a snap back from a quarter held back by the weather.  Auto sales way up because they were held down in the first quarter, that type of thing.  Or May could be the beginning.  That better growth we’d all love to see.

From our perspective, recruiting needs and urgency are up in many industries and in all parts of the country, so I would lean toward this being the beginning of a period of better growth.



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